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Finetouch Pipes and fittings product category image

Pipes and fittings

We produce and distribute HDPE pipes used in irrigation and water in supply.

Finetouch Greenhouses and Agric Nets product category image

Greenhouses and Agric Nets

Transform your farming today with our premium, high-quality greenhouses.

Finetouch Irrigation and sprinklers. product category image

Irrigation and sprinklers.

We beat the competition when it comes to irrigation and lawn sprinklers.

Finetouch Solar water pumps product category image

Solar water pumps

Most efficient and environmentally friendly way to pumps water for your irrigation needs.

Finetouch General water pumps product category image

General water pumps

We've got all the pumps you may need for all you water pumping needs.

Finetouch Dam Liners product category image

Dam Liners

We supply and install dam liners that suit you needs like fish ponds.

Finetouch Drips lines and Rainhose product category image

Drips lines and Rainhose

Shop our top of the line Finedrop drip lines and rainhose for your needs.

Finetouch Farm Machinery product category image

Farm Machinery

A wide range of Farm machinery, chuff cutters, seeders, mini-tillers and more.

Finetouch Planting Trays and Media product category image

Planting Trays and Media

Affordable Coco Peat, Peat Moss, and Planting Trays for your gardening needs.

Finetouch Agricultural Water Filters product category image

Agricultural Water Filters

Optimize your irrigation system with our range of agricultural filters.

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