Solar Water Pumps

Most efficient and environmentally friendly way to pumps water for your irrigation needs.
Delan DCPM-50 product image - Finetouch

Delan DCPM-50

Delan Solar Pump DCPM-50: 1500W power, 50m³/hr flow rate, 17m max head, 110v, eco-friendly and efficient for irrigation and water supply.

Delan TPHF21 product image - Finetouch

Delan TPHF21

DELAN TPHF21 Solar Pump: 750W, 21m³/hr flow rate, 14m head, 72V, eco-friendly, ideal for irrigation and water supply.

Delan DCPM-6-24-48-550 product image - Finetouch

Delan DCPM-6-24-48-550

The Delan DCPM-6-24-48-550 is a 48V DC centrifugal pump with a maximum flow rate of 6 cubic meters per hour and a head of 24 meters.

DELAN DN-12-8 product image - Finetouch


DELAN DN-12-8 Solar Pump: 12V DC, 6L/min flow rate, 30M max head, 8 amps, ideal for off-grid water pumping and energy-efficient water management.

Jiesenda JRQB2.5 product image - Finetouch

Jiesenda JRQB2.5

Jiesenda JRQB2.5 Solar Water Pump: 400W, 2.5m³/hr flow rate, 28M max head, 48V, 3800 RPM, ideal for off-grid water supply and irrigation.

Delan DQB2-25-24-210 product image - Finetouch

Delan DQB2-25-24-210

Delan DQB2-25-24-210 Solar Water Pump: 210W, 2m³/hr flow rate, 25M max head, 24V, ideal for off-grid water supply and irrigation.

Fly Submersible Water Pump product image - Finetouch

Fly Submersible Water Pump

Fly 3FSP148-50-3-400-1 Submersible Solar Water Pump: 400W, 3m³/hr flow rate, 50M max head, 48V, ideal for off-grid water supply and sustainable water management.

Solar Charge Controller product image - Finetouch

Solar Charge Controller

Our Intelligent Solar Charge Controller is compatible with 12V/24V systems, it features dual USB ports, advanced 3-stage charging, and protection for efficient and safe solar power management.

Fly GSNP-12 DC product image - Finetouch

Fly GSNP-12 DC

The Fly GSNP-12 is a powerful DC solar submersible pump with 180W power, 12V voltage, and a max lift of 10M. Delivering a flow rate of 3 cubic meters per hour, it’s perfect for efficient water pumping

Submersible  Solar Pumps product image - Finetouch

Submersible Solar Pumps

High-performance submersible water pumps for irrigation and boreholes. Durable and efficient, our pumps ensure reliable water flow for residential and industrial use.

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Solar Inverters

Discover our range of high-efficiency solar inverters, ideal for residential and industrial applications. Models available from 0.75KW to 11KW, with single and three-phase options.

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